Guys With Pencils Ep 173 - The Insanely Awesome Kelly Smith!

We had the good fortune to talk with the talented Kelly Smith! Kelly works for Capybara Games! IF you haven’t heard of either her or Capy, then you must have take your head from out of the sand and start getting informed! Start by listening to this podcast where we dive into the really awesome path that took Kelly from being an animation grad working in a box factory to kickass artist working for Capy!

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ALSO! Check out Adam’s guest appearance on another podcast CANADALAND! As he talks about the animation business in Canada.


Guys With Pencils Ep 162 - Let’s Talk About Rocket 5!
This week we got to sit down with Rocket 5 creators Cathy Feraday Miller and Tim Miller. These two have tons of experience in the gaming/animation industry. Between the two of them they have worked for Dreamworks feature animation, LucasArts, Nihilistic Software and a variety of animation houses around town. Currently working on their game Phantom P.I.
Have a listen as we geek over all the great stuff they have been involved with and also talk about the journey they took to get their gaming studio off the ground!

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For more on Phantom P.I. click HERE

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Guys With Pencils Episode 137 - In a Drunken Stupor With Asteroid Base!

We got to hang out with the awesome talent behind ASTEROID BASE this week! Asteroid Base is a Toronto based indie game studio headed by Matt Hammill  and Jamie Tucker.
We got to have a long lengthy chat about their early starting points with the company and the trails and tribulations they have encountered doing what they do. It’s a great talk and we learned a lot about their process and personal motivations that help them make the awesome games they want to play!

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Guys With Pencils Episode 131 - Please Insert COIN!

Seen the awesome animated short COIN? It’s baller…friggin baller. It’s a visual treat and so well done. This week we chat with it’s creator CHRIS BURNS of Exit 73 Studios. Along withe Chris is his team member Bob Fox. Both guys runs Exit 73 and worked on COIN. One of the awesome things about this short is how Chris said he focused on animating the energy he had built up and from there he created a story around that. A really awesome way to create a short film if you ask us. Have a listen if you want to get all inspired with animation goodness!

Watch Coin HERE!

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Guys With Pencils Episode 116 - Damian Sommer’s Games!

This week we chat with Damian Sommer. If you’ve been to a Game Jam in Toronto in the past little while you have probably heard of Mr. Sommer. He has currently finished working on his latest co creation with Emily Carroll titled, The Yawhg! 
Have you ever wondered how someone gets in to the gaming community?  What’s the process one takes to get to know the people who make really cool games?  Have a listen as we chat with Damian’s personal journey as he went from political science student to indie gamer guru.

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Guys With Pencils Episode 109 - Quenching Thirst With Drinkbox Studios!

This week we sat down with the boys from DRINKBOX STUDIOS to talk about their recent release GUACAMELEE!!! 
If you haven’t heard about this amazing game, shame on you! The only way to redeem yourself is to go buy it now! DO IT NOW! …..
Did you buy it? Good. Now you can hear the awesomeness from Steph Goulet (Art Director) Ben Thomas (Animator) Cuxo Quikano (Concept Artist/Animator and Creator of Guacamelee). These guys were kind enough to bring us in to their work space to talk all kinds of awesome things that wound up making this awesome game! Hope you all enjoy!!

Warning: Small story spoilers



A bonus this week, fan art for Guacamelee from Andrew and Adam!




Guys With Pencils Episode 108 - Ryan Creighton and the World of Spellirium!

Out guest this week is Ryan Creighton of Untold Entertainment. Ryan has been working on his game SPELLIRIUM for over the last 13 years. This is a great episode that covers the side of what it’s like of managing a team of artists and what an employer must do when it comes to the hiring and firing of the people who make his content come true.  Ryan provides a look into the world where a lot of new graduates don’t often get to see. It’s a long process with a lot of factors to take in to consideration when you’re dealing with real money and not a school grade.

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Hey everyone,

I’m posting this to share with all you fine folks a new You Tube channel launched by some awesome people, its called Next EstroGen. The two awesome ladies that run it play video games and riff over them, the videos are a ton of fun to watch.

So if you like video games, cool ladies and crackin wise, you should check it out and share it!


Next EGen Twitter!

Next EGen Tumblr!


Guys With Pencils Ep99 - The Rad Rad Worlds of Scott C!

This week we’re chatting with Scott C! Scott is a painter/comic artist/illustrator/Kid’s book illustrator and art director for video games. He’s worked for LucasArts and Double Fine Productions on such titles as PSYCHONAUTS and BRUTAL LEGEND. Not only is Scott an incredible force of talent with his professional work he is also the creator of the wildly successful series “GREAT SHOWDOWNS”. Have a listen as we dive in to the thought process and delightful style of Scott C!!!!! 

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GWP Presents - Team 4x Ep01

A few months ago, four friends with experience making games got together to talk about the medium in depth, then made a podcast about it. We then put the fate of the podcast in your hands, if you liked it we would make more and if not we would end it after the first one. We are happy to say you liked us so we are happy to give you the second episode and this time we have a name! This month on Team 4x we talk about Stealth Bastard, what makes a stealthy game stealthy and rant about Far Cry 3! This episode was recorded in December but more are on the way, so expect a site
and a separate Itunes feed soon!

Talk to us at,

Henry Faber - @henryfaber
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