Guys With Pencils Ep99 - The Rad Rad Worlds of Scott C!

This week we’re chatting with Scott C! Scott is a painter/comic artist/illustrator/Kid’s book illustrator and art director for video games. He’s worked for LucasArts and Double Fine Productions on such titles as PSYCHONAUTS and BRUTAL LEGEND. Not only is Scott an incredible force of talent with his professional work he is also the creator of the wildly successful series “GREAT SHOWDOWNS”. Have a listen as we dive in to the thought process and delightful style of Scott C!!!!! 

Check out Scott’s Website HERE! 
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Guys With Pencils Ep 85 - Mike Holmes!

Mike Holmes is an East Coast based Cartoonist/Illustrator. He’s currently been working on such titles as the Adventure Time Comics and Bravest Warriors. Mike has done a variety of posters for comedian Patton Oswald and is an active member in the East Coast comic book scene with his own series titled True Story.
Mike chats with us and talks about his personal experiences and what lead him down the road as from a stand up coming to a sit down cartoonist. Check out Mike’s work at the links below.

Mike Holmes Tumblr
Mike Holmes Twitter



Guys With Pencils Ep 80 - Chatting it up with the J Cru!

Do you like comics? Do you like Canadians? Those are trick questions because the answer to both is YES! And with that we are proud to introduce to you, an episode featuring J. Bone and J. Torres! Both work in the Comic industry and have put together a project featuring Canadian Superheroes called TRUE PATRIOT!! Sounds awesome right? You might be asking “Where can I get this awesome sauce that is True Patriot?” Well if you like to support the independent comic artists and writers, you should head over to their indiegogo page and watch the video and donate! Have a listen this week as we dive into the world of TRUE PATRIOT!




Guys With Pencils Ep 79 - Gals With Pencils: Women And The Industry

This week is a special episode of Guys With Pencils.
It took 8 months but Andrew and Adam share their
experiences learning about the challenges women face
in comics and games, both as creators and consumers
of the mediums. Then learn about what women are
doing to make it better.

Special thanks to our guests for taking the time to talk to us and being patient with production.
Music in this episode taken from the Directionless EP by Broke for Free.
If you liked the music, check him out and be sure to tip and repay his generosity for sharing his music.

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Kate Leth:
Samantha and Rosemary: Professional Game Artists
Jody Houser:, Womanthology
Adriana Blake: Fall On Me, Womanthology
Zoe Quinn: Its Not Ok Cupid, Dames Making Games
Jennie Faber: DMG Toronto
Cecily Carver: DMG Toronto



Guys With Pencils Ep 77 - Who you gonna call? Dan Schoening!

This week, Adam and Andrew (mostly Andrew) speak with Dapper Dan Schoening! Dan is a freelance comic artist from Canada who is currently working on the IDW ongoing Ghostbusters series. The Ghostbusters comic is based off the 1984 cult classic film. For over 25 years there has been little to nothing when it comes to licensed Ghostbuster material and this IDW comic has hit it out of the ballpark with their talented crew working on this series. Have a listen as the boys dive into the development of this comic and how it came to be.