Guys With Pencils Ep 157 - Behind The Magic: Game Genie! 

This week the Guys get to chat about their upcoming jobs. Surprisingly, both start on the same day. Joining them is their friend Eric Gauthier (background painter and Art lead extraordinaire) They chat about the workloads that lie ahead along with the upcoming game that Adam is writing. With deadlines that are looming, They all look for a solution. If only there was a Game Genie for real life!



Guys With Pencils Ep 156 - A Mayerson For All Seasons!
This week the Guys got to chat with their former professor Mark Mayerson. Back in March Mark did a lecture at the monthly Animatic TO series. His talk was titled “Don’t Pitch To the Buyer, Pitch To the Audience”. If you missed out on his talk, this episode will be sort of an epilogue on the points he had when it comes to pitching your concept. 

Here’s a link to a MovieBob video Andrew rambled on about regarding Hollywood & Destiny.


Guys With Pencils Ep 155 - Prepare for Battle!
This week we got to talk with Illustrator/Character Designer, Chris Battle!
Chris has been working for over 20 years in the animation business working on such projects as; Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Teen Titans GO! Chris joined us this week to chat about his work as a designer and the advice he shares for newer generations of artists who are looking to get into the same field.
Check out his stuff below!

Chris Battle Blog

Chris Battle Tumblr



Guys With Pencils Ep 154 - From Peanuts to Predators

Talking movies is what’s happening this week. The new animated feature version of ‘PEANUTS’ was debuted and there is a lot of talk back about it. So of course, you’re two favorite cartoon nerds weigh in with their thoughts. It’s a discussion starting from the basics of the comic strip to the styles that were chosen with this new feature film.


Guys With Pencils Ep 153 - Where Do We Go From Here?
As the seasons change, so do the jobs. It’s a fact of life having to work in this type of business. This week the Guys talk about the transitions that need to be made when adapting to a new job. Sometimes their are risks that have to be taken which can cause a lot of uncertainty. Other times there are periods where one job will end and another will start up and not a bit of effort was used to look elsewhere. It’s just the way it goes…But it’s not all serious business..Adam goes on a joyous recap of the film JASON X!




Guys With Pencils Ep 151 - As Time Goes By

This week the Guys are talking about the future! With some contracts coming to a close and new job possibilities on the horizon, They have a little discussion about the work that is to come. But it’s not all about work! They also take the time to reflect upon the personal impact that creative people have in their lives.


Guys With Pencils Ep147 - Kneel Before Zub!
We got everyone’s favorite comic book guru JIM ZUB back in the chair this week! For those of you who are unfamiliar, We spoke with Jim Zub before in a two part episode a few years ago. We brought Jim back to talk about his work on his series SKULLKICKERS and his most recent work for IDW on the new SAMURAI JACK comic!
Grab a coffee, plug in your headphones and get ready to be motivated by the overly talented incredible nice guy, Jim Zub!

Check out these links;
Jim’s previous episode on GWP - CLICK HERE
Jim’s Twitter - CLICK HERE


Guys With Pencils Ep146 - Stop Motion Animation With Carla Veldman!
We’re chatting with Carla Veldman this week! She’s a friend of ours who we went to Sheridan with back in the day. Her grad film “The Scarf” is a stop motion short that touches on the aspects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We got chatting with Carla, not only because she’s a super nice person who we really enjoy being around, but she is going to be doing a puppet building workshop for TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society) If you really enjoy stop motion and puppet making you should check it out! Have a listen this week as we talk about all the aspects of artistry behind stop motion animation!

For Carla’s Blog CLICK HERE
For Carla’s film “The Scarf” CLICK HERE
For TAIS Workshop info CLICK HERE



Guys With Pencils Episode 145 - Kat Morris!

This week we got to chat with KAT MORRIS! She’s worked on such series as; SUPERJAIL!, THE REGULAR SHOW and her most recent work can be seen on Cartoon Network’s STEVEN UNIVERSE, where she works her magic as the Story Supervisor! Have a listen as we chat with her about the things that influence her. This episode is pretty rad, talking about everything from The Simpsons to Roller Derby. Kat Morris is one really awesome lady making some great stories for you fine folks!

Follow her on TWITTER
Check out her BLOG
Check out her TUMBLR



Guys With Pencils Ep 144 - The Ups and Downs of Animation

Since the conception of this podcast, both Adam and Andrew have been very fortunate to have been working from project to project with very few breaks in between. And since the beginning, they have said that you will get to hear about the high points and the low points. This weeks episode focuses on some of the not so easy aspects of working as a freelance artist. The reality of a job ending abruptly can occur. Have a listen and hear how they deal with this unfamiliar territory.