I absolutely love you guys! I'm listening to you for last few weeks, and every page is see it's "OMG they did interview with THIS artist I have to listen to this!!" Thank you for your awesome work! I listen to shows older than year now and some artists links don't work or overall there is something interesting that I can't catch from listening (I'm not English native speaker). Did you think maybe to add extension for commenting to make life easier? :D

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Thanks so much for sending this message, I’m really happy to hear you like the show!

I don’t know how to add a comment extension but I can look in to it. Sorry some of the links don’t work, Andrew and I both suck at running the site and try to keep it as simple as possible. I will do my best to make sure links are better maintained in the future. I will also go through the old links and try to get them to work when I get some time.

On a side note, your work is so AMAZING! I love all the Dota 2 stuff. I am a big Dota 2 fan and I think I have some of the items you have worked on! I’m going to make sure to follow your work!

Thanks again!

- Adam 


Guys With Pencils Ep 156 - A Mayerson For All Seasons!
This week the Guys got to chat with their former professor Mark Mayerson. Back in March Mark did a lecture at the monthly Animatic TO series. His talk was titled “Don’t Pitch To the Buyer, Pitch To the Audience”. If you missed out on his talk, this episode will be sort of an epilogue on the points he had when it comes to pitching your concept. 

Here’s a link to a MovieBob video Andrew rambled on about regarding Hollywood & Destiny.


Guys With Pencils Ep 155 - Prepare for Battle!
This week we got to talk with Illustrator/Character Designer, Chris Battle!
Chris has been working for over 20 years in the animation business working on such projects as; Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Teen Titans GO! Chris joined us this week to chat about his work as a designer and the advice he shares for newer generations of artists who are looking to get into the same field.
Check out his stuff below!

Chris Battle Blog

Chris Battle Tumblr



Guys With Pencils Ep 154 - From Peanuts to Predators

Talking movies is what’s happening this week. The new animated feature version of ‘PEANUTS’ was debuted and there is a lot of talk back about it. So of course, you’re two favorite cartoon nerds weigh in with their thoughts. It’s a discussion starting from the basics of the comic strip to the styles that were chosen with this new feature film.


Guys With Pencils Ep 153 - Where Do We Go From Here?
As the seasons change, so do the jobs. It’s a fact of life having to work in this type of business. This week the Guys talk about the transitions that need to be made when adapting to a new job. Sometimes their are risks that have to be taken which can cause a lot of uncertainty. Other times there are periods where one job will end and another will start up and not a bit of effort was used to look elsewhere. It’s just the way it goes…But it’s not all serious business..Adam goes on a joyous recap of the film JASON X!



Guys With Pencils Ep 152 - Holy Horse Balls! Someone Stole My Art!
Katie Shanahan and J. Bone have joined us this week to talk about THEFT! specifically, Art Theft. Why Katie and J. you ask? Well because they are victims of having their own pieces of artwork stolen, traced and displayed without having any source credit to the original works or creators! This is a really interesting topic and we were very lucky to have such wonderful artists who can give their accounts as to what steps they took once they realized their work had been stolen.

To find out more about Katie and J. Follow the links below: