Guys With Pencils Ep 144 - The Ups and Downs of Animation

Since the conception of this podcast, both Adam and Andrew have been very fortunate to have been working from project to project with very few breaks in between. And since the beginning, they have said that you will get to hear about the high points and the low points. This weeks episode focuses on some of the not so easy aspects of working as a freelance artist. The reality of a job ending abruptly can occur. Have a listen and hear how they deal with this unfamiliar territory.



Guys With Pencils Ep 143 - In The Year 2014

Another year has begun, new resolutions have been made, and some more podcasting is underway. This week Adam and Andrew talk about the new year and the new things that will be going on for the both of them, 2014 looks like it will be a great time! Have a listen as they look back on 2013 with all the ups and downs that it had to offer!









The Story War cartoon is now live on Cartoon Hangover!

Back in march we kickstarted the Story War card game and our most ambitious stretch goal was to make a cartoon based on the game! And now, 8 months later, it’s finally here!

The cartoon was written by KC Green and it was animated and voiced by the insanely talented Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera! We also collaborated with Tom Milsom and infinitefreefall on the score and Josiah Files on the backgrounds! Also the original character designs were created by Vondell SwainWe spent months writing, re-writing, drawing and re-drawing storyboards and animatics until our eyes fell out of her heads to get to this point!

We hope you guys enjoy it!

Hello everyone! The cartoon Alex and I have been working on for several months premiered today on Cartoon Hangover! It would be awesome if you checked it out. Thank you guys!

GUYS! Watch this and like it and share it because it’s LINDSAY AND ALEX and their hard work! The action animation is super great. Ed and I were fortunate enough to help out in a tiny little way by supplying voices for Mean Girl Snake Lady and the Lightning-y dude. Congrats to everyone involved in this! It turned out looking amazing!

I CAN’T GET OVER how amazing this is in every way aaaa *~~~*  The animation is just the most crazy charming thing everrrr Lindsay and Alex are actual animation gods.  And the story and music and everything is just way cute, goshuu

YOU GUYYYSS wow this was such a blast!! Awesome awesome awesome job *0*!

Rebloggin for the night crew!

W-Wow thank you everyone ;u; <3

Lindsay and Alex are the best, this is the best.


Guys With Pencils Episode 141 - Have You Heard of Animatic T.O.?

This week we spoke with Animatic TO creator Barry A. Sanders! Barry is a local Toronto animator who has been working in the industry over the past 17 years. He has recently created the new monthly animation social get together group, Animatic TO.

Animatic TO is a monthly animation lecture series and social event dedicated to education, inspiration and building community in Toronto’s animation scene. It’s only in its 3rd session, but the reception has been fantastic!

If you can make it in to Toronto for Wednesday the 18th, come see Kris Pearn (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 co-director) do his lecture!

If you would like more info click HERE



Guys With Pencils Ep 140 - At the Bit Bazaar Winter Market!

Adam and Andrew were at the Bit Bazaar Winter Market this weekend. It was a great time had by all! If you didn’t go, you missed out on one hell of a festival! The Guys had the chance to talk with some previous guests who had been on the podcast before (Rosemary Brennan, Rachel Kahn) But they also got to chat with some new folks, Like Miles Baker (He helps run TCAF!). Adam and Andrew also get to have a sit down with the overly helpful and talented couple Jenny & Henry Faber. Without them there would be no Bit Bazaar. The Bazaar had a relaxed vibe of comradey that you don’t really see at a lot of the bigger expos, So it definitely stood out as one of the best community efforts put together in a long time. Have a listen to the episode

Check out more info about the Bazaar HERE 

Check out Robby Duguay’s Christmas album HERE



Guys With Pencils Episode 139 - Gearing Up!

This week the Boys start off with a little recap of the previous work week, talking jobs, events, and overall the atmosphere and where their heads are at for the upcoming month. December can be a really busy time with work, parties, holidays, etc etc. So In this episode they talk about the future opportunities and ideas they both have rolling around inside their heads.
They also received a question regarding Freelance work from a listener, to which they address in this episode.

"…Im looking for advice about commissions on flash puppets. I get people requesting me if I can make puppets for them. How should I price?…"  


If you happen to be in the Toronto Area on Dec 7th - Check out the Bit Bazaar @ Bento Miso! MORE INFO HERE

Buys Rosemary’s Kill Shakespeare t shirt HERE!




Check it out!  This is the first preview of the show that everyone at Titmouse has been working on since Motorcity!

We’ve got about 75% of the former Motorcity crew working on this, everything from animators to BG painters.  The main character has the same voice as Mike Chilton as well.

I know it’s not Motorcity, but it may be the closest thing we get for a while.

It’s going to be the first animated show made exclusively for Netflix, which is an exciting piece of history to be a part of… I hope you guys like it!


Well, we did ask for Motorcity back…no matter how Titmouse does it.

Hey everyone!
Check out this trailer for Turbo F.A.S.T., its the show I am working on for Titmouse!

- Adam